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10 Essentials to Pack for Your Next Beach Holiday

By Admin / Published on Monday, 02 Oct 2017 21:50 PM / Comments Off on 10 Essentials to Pack for Your Next Beach Holiday / 201 views

Couple having fun and running on a sandy beachPacking for a beach holiday? It’s easy to get carried away when packing for a getaway. So here are 10 essential items to include in your beach wardrobe and care kit for a fantastic beach holiday fun.

Accessories: Beach Bag, Beach Towel, and Sunnies

A proper beach bag is one that’s made with waterproof or quick-drying material and is big enough to contain items you need to take with you like a towel, a pair of sunnies, a cover-up, and your skin care products.

A towel made of microfibre material is thinner than usual yet highly absorbent. It also doesn’t take up a lot of room in your bag making it an ideal option to take with you.

Also, protect your eyes from sunlight by wearing a proper pair of sunnies that can block harmful UV rays. They not only complete your beach attire, but they also protect your eyes, which is what’s important. Just make sure to take it off before you set to get a tan to avoid getting weird tan lines around your eyes.

Bodywear: Maillot, High Waisted Bikini, and Cover Up

The Maillot is a full piece swimwear style that has made a huge comeback last year. It’s even making more waves this year, with plenty of styles available ranging from plain and block colours, prints, and even structured designs. There are also various cuts that suit different body shapes and make for attractive beachwear albeit on the more covered upside.

Another style that has made a comeback is the high waisted bikini. The designs range from vintage to modern, with plenty of colour options and prints to choose from, as well. The high waisted bottom provides good mid section coverage. The fun part about owning bikini sets is that you can mix and match colours, which is like getting a new set.

If you want to go for a walk on the beach or take a break from tanning, don a cover-up. There are sheer skirts, wrap dress cover-ups, and mini beach dresses to choose from. These are made with the light material, so they’re easy to pack in your beach bag.

Footwear: Beach Sandals

The sand can get too hot to walk barefoot and wearing flats, or other closed shoe styles don’t go with a maillot or a bikini. So bring some fashionable beach footwear like sparkly slip-ons or beach sandals made with waterproof or rubber material. Not only will it protect your feet from walking on hot sand, but it also gives your entire beach outfit a complete, proper look.

Skin Care: Sun Screen Lotion and Sun Tanning Oil

There is a lot of debate about the SPF level of sunscreen. But dermatologists say that it’s better to get an SPF50 since most of us just apply it once and don’t put on the proper coverage to get the maximum protection level. Ideally, apply every two hours for as long as you’re out in the sun.

And what’s a trip to the coast without getting a proper tan? There are plenty of tanning products out there, including Bali Body organic suntan oils. Tanning lotions and oils boost tanning, so it is important not to overexpose your skin to avoid getting sunburned.

A Quiet Companion: A Good Reading Material

Enjoy some quiet time and catch up on your reading. It can be a traditional book, a digital book (disable Wi-Fi access), or a magazine. It’s a good way to disconnect from the digital world, enjoy some quiet time, and catch up on your reading. Take a good book with you while you get a tan or when you just want to lounge around by the beach. You’re never alone with a good book in tow.

And lastly… have some fun! Give yourself a break and enjoy an absolutely fine day just relaxing. You deserve it!