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3 Common Myths About Alcohol Addiction, Debunked

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 05 Jun 2018 15:15 PM / Comments Off on 3 Common Myths About Alcohol Addiction, Debunked / 118 views

Woman reaching out for another glass of whiskeyAlcohol abuse is a mental disorder characterized by a person’s unhealthy relationship with alcohol. People who have this have the habitual and uncontrollable urge to consume alcohol more than a healthy amount.

In a study conducted by National Survey on the Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) in 2015, 30% of the US population has drinking problems. This is alarming considering that 6%–10% of these cases could result in the development of serious health problems or even death.

It’s only proper to make people aware of the implications of this statistic to avoid it from ballooning. To do that, listed below are the lesser-known facts about alcohol addiction, explained by Acqua Recovery.

Myth: Some types of liquor are less addictive.
Truth: Whether it is beer or wine, alcohol is alcohol. So, regardless of what you’re drinking, it could still alter your neurons reactions. The only way to avoid addiction is to practice control on whatever you’re drinking. This is to keep your nerve receptor reaction at normal levels.

Myth: Self-medication works for alcohol abusers.
Truth: Proper diagnosis and psychiatric assessment are still necessary to get a treatment program that would be suitable for a specific condition.

The majority of abusers are often referred to alcohol rehab centers in Utah to develop discipline as well as learn steps in staying sober even after their treatment.

Myth: A person’s tolerance means your body can still take more.
Truth: Tolerance is not a stamp of approval, but rather an indication that alcohol is already messing up your body’s reaction.

Normally, you’ll feel dizzy and uneasy when you consume too much alcohol — this is to signal you to stop. If you no longer feel this way, then it’s just a matter of time before you develop an alcohol use problem.

Be more informed about the true nature of alcohol abuse. Don’t let it get in the way of you enjoying life to the fullest.