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3 Health Benefits of Eating Cucumbers and Vinegar

By Admin / Published on Friday, 11 May 2018 01:00 AM / Comments Off on 3 Health Benefits of Eating Cucumbers and Vinegar / 108 views

A bowl of fruits and veggiesCucumbers and vinegar is a delightfully fresh, tangy side dish that you can do a lot with, thanks to recipes at Bless This Mess. But do you know that it packs a lot of health benefits? Here are three reasons why you should be eating more of this great combination. It’s time to be smart about eating your vegetables! Consider these benefits if you’re looking for some simple, all-day snack that you can much without the guilt.

It can cool down the stomach

On a hot day, cucumber and vinegar salad can help you cool down. It’s a great and healthy mid-day snack that can fill you up with the guilt. Cucumbers are packed with water and powerful antioxidants as well. It’s great for diabetics who need to watch their food intake but don’t want to feel deprived of good food.

It has cancer-fighting abilities.

Some of the bioactive compounds found in cucumbers include firestin, cucurbitacins, lignans, apigenin, and glucosides have cancer-fighting properties. They are known to have DNA-protecting abilities that can help prevent oxidative stress. ON the other hand, firestin has also been known to help improve brain health.
It can help you build stronger bones

Cucumbers are rich in Vitamin K, which can help regulate the mineralization of bones as well as maintain good bone density. Do you know that people, especially women, who do not have enough Vitamin K are at risk for osteoporosis? What’s good to know is that one cup of peeled cucumbers can already provide you with 2 percent of your daily calcium needs as well as 7 percent Vitamin K!

Healthy Tricks, Indeed

Adding vinegar and sometimes red onions to cucumbers is one of the healthiest and refreshing ways of eating them. So if you want some healthy snacks through the day and a side dish that can also perk you up, prepare some cucumber and vinegar and enjoy the many health and tasty benefits.