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3 Must-Have Cowboy Wardrobe Accessories

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 15 Feb 2018 05:02 AM / Comments Off on 3 Must-Have Cowboy Wardrobe Accessories / 165 views

Cowboy leaning on postThe secret of style and fashion is this: accessories. Whether you’re in a brown leather jacket or a no-nonsense flannel shirt with a plaid pattern matched with honest-to-goodness ripped blue jeans, how you accessorize your chosen ensemble is what will separate you from other wearers of the same style. If you are a true-blue cowboy amidst a sea of cowboys, here are three fashion staples you need to have to stand out.


Choosing the best men’s cowboy boots on sale starts with deciding which toe shape suits you the best. For starters, available options include square, traditional, snip, and rounded. Square and snip are the most stylish of these options. Another important factor to consider is the height of heels, which can be as thin as half an inch and as thick as 2 inches. To stay as authentic as you can be, choose a pair with Cuban heels and a high shaft, and without laces.


The best belt you can ever wear is one outfitted with a trophy buckle that you won. But if you have yet to set foot in a competitive cowboy arena and therefore have yet to earn one, your best option is a belt with a simple silver buckle that does not mislead but also says “I can win a trophy buckle if I want to”.


Cowboy hats are all about style and sense. Style because it is a staple of cowboy fashion. Sense because its wide brim is quite practical under the sun. Whichever size, color, or material you choose, just make sure you follow the cowboy rules that govern hat usage.

Part of the cowboy lifestyle is a veneer of I-could-care-less-about-fashion fashion sensibility. This is what makes the whole thing charming. And it is something you can still take to heart without totally looking like a generic practitioner of the western lifestyle. Just wear the flawless trifecta of cowboy style—boots, belt, and hat—and you are set to make all cowgirls out there go yee-haw.