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3 Must-haves for a Better Day at the Lake

By Admin / Published on Saturday, 14 Jul 2018 01:00 AM / Comments Off on 3 Must-haves for a Better Day at the Lake / 101 views

Emergency SuppliesRelaxing and fishing at the lake are some ways people enjoy their leisure time. However, emergencies could arise when least expected. Thus, it is important that one stocks up on emergency kits. Fishing in the lake might not require too much, but one must still take safety precautions. A life jacket, although necessary, is not enough. Here are three essentials you should have before doing recreational activities in the water.

Life Ring

Often painted in orange, these rings are designed to prevent people from drowning and keep them afloat. A life ring is only one of the many kinds of buoys in the market. If you are near Michigan, boat shops there offer an assortment of life rings and even pontoons. Most shops have attendants that could advise you on which type of buoy design fits your need.

First Aid Kit

There is not much danger in passing time with fishing. However, slipping on wet floor or even seasickness could become a medical emergency. One will need a kit to administer care before the person can be driven to a hospital. Packing medicines and bandages should be enough during a short trip.

Fire Extinguisher

If a fire breaks out, you can’t just scoop water out of the lake to put it out. Aside from needing a bucket, scooping water would take too much time. Fire could escalate and cause injury or even death within a short time. You can ask around about the size and number of extinguishers you should take. Their quantity and size also depend on the size of your craft. Don’t worry because shops usually provide instructions on how to use them effectively.

Safety is important whether on land or water. One must ensure that they are equipped to handle whatever situations arise. You could ask boat shops to give you a comprehensive list of emergency tools necessary for a day out in the lake.