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4 Easy Ways to Transform Your Face

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 13 Jun 2017 06:49 AM / Comments Off on 4 Easy Ways to Transform Your Face / 267 views

Close-up portrait of young beautiful woman's closed, eye zone make up with black arrowThe face is the first thing that many people notice, whether they're meeting the other person for the first time or not. Donning the same look over again, however, can make you look dull. Sometimes, your usual make-up routine make you look old or gloomy. Check out these easy makeup tips and say hi to you new self in no time.

Give your brows a lift

Sagging eyebrows make you feel and look old. If you want to give yourself the ultimate makeover, Center for Facial Appearances and other facial experts say that giving your brows a lift would do the biggest trick of all. In Utah, for example, brow lift is extremely popular since it's a quick way to change the way the face looks.

Give your lips some shape

Some people forget the power of a lip liner, but not anymore. Every time you apply your favorite brand of lipstick, get a lipliner that's a shade darker or a match for your lips. Sketch your lip shape using it and you'll have fuller lips to look at.

Always moisturize your skin

Your face badly needs moisture. Dry skin, especially in the face, will make you look old. Never forget to moisturize to make sure that your skin has that supple and youthful look.

Learn the right way to use a concealer

You might have learned that to look less tired, you have to dot your concealer underneath your eyes. Uh-oh. Unfortunately, that method is somewhat wrong. To achieve the glowing look even if you only had a few hours of shut-eye, apply the concealer in a triangle shape starting from the base of your eyes to your cheek like you are contouring.

You can now say wow to the new you and enjoy a new burst of confidence when re-inventing your look with simple makeup hacks. Of course, don’t forget that a good night’s sleep and a healthy diet are your best course towards looking beautiful and glowing all the time.