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4 Great Gift Ideas for Your 10th Anniversary

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 19 Apr 2018 01:00 AM / Comments Off on 4 Great Gift Ideas for Your 10th Anniversary / 142 views

A sweet coupleThe 10th year anniversary of a couple is a special milestone that should they should properly celebrate. After all, not everyone lasts that long in a marriage.

This anniversary celebrates not just the past ten years but also the next few years or decades of the couple as partners. If you are planning a small gathering or event for your 10th anniversary, below are four gift ideas that you could include in your planning:

1. Customize a piece of jewelry

If there is one thing that can impress your partner, it is jewelry. If you want to make the jewelry that you will be giving even more special, look for custom jewelry stores ( for example) around your area.

2. Get them a vinyl record of your favorite songs

Vinyl records are making a comeback after decades of being under the shadows of CDs and now online streaming. They are practically a premium kind of collection.

So how about finding a vinyl record that contains songs that both you and your partner like? If your partner loves music, they will be able to appreciate this for sure.

3. Personalize a metal tag keychain

Does your partner have to keep track of a lot of keys? It would be a thoughtful move for you to gift them a customized keychain. You could use a cool material for it, such as metal, which will make it look classic and durable.

4. Re-print your wedding vows

Cherish your wedding vows so much? Reprint them and frame it. It would be a sentimental gift to celebrate ten years of marriage and your commitment to each other.

Anniversaries are a milestone, and giving a gift to your partner would make it even more meaningful. This list will make it easier for you to choose an ideal gift for your husband or wife.