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4 Simple Outdoor Activities to Keep Yourself Physically Fit

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 26 Aug 2015 07:39 AM / Comments Off on 4 Simple Outdoor Activities to Keep Yourself Physically Fit / 254 views

BikingGoing to the gym to work out and keep your body fit can be boring for some people. If you’re one of them, why not go outside instead for your daily workout? In fact, simple and fun activities that even kids can do are enough to help you maintain a good figure.

Here are a few outdoor activities you can start doing alone, with friends, or even with children.


Hula-hoops aren’t just for games, circus, or parties. Go use it every day to tone your abs and keep burning calories. Don’t use a kid’s hoop, though, because it will be much easier. You can use a full-sized hoop or a weighted hoop if you want it to be more challenging.

Bike Riding

They say that when you learn how to ride a bike, you can never forget how to ride one. Biking can take away not just calories, but also stress! Imagine riding BMX bikes early in the morning, says, with some teenagers in your neighborhood, seeing the sunshine and feeling the wind blowing. It’s definitely a good way to start your day.

Playing Tag

Kids play tag all the time. You can join them and this can be your routine workout every afternoon. Feel like a kid again by enjoying playing with kids! This will also be an interesting workout because it will be challenging to match the energy level of kids.


Basketball with kids is fun and light because you don’t really have to give it all you’ve got since you’ll have the height advantage. Just enjoy the game with them and don’t take it too seriously. This is definitely an easy cardio workout!

Feel like a kid again by playing with other children to keep yourself fit. Ditch the gym and go outdoors instead to have fun while enjoying the sun and a great yet simple workout.