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A Buyer’s Guide to a Starter Bass Boat

By Admin / Published on Friday, 13 Oct 2017 01:00 AM / Comments Off on A Buyer’s Guide to a Starter Bass Boat / 203 views

Bass boat at a dockIf the idea of the ability to go fishing at any time and in any place and finally catching your first bass excites you, then it is time to invest in your first boat. Bass boats are typically rated for two passengers, giving boat occupants a lot of room to work lines when fishing. Here are some things you should consider before spending your hard-earned cash for a pontoon boat in any Michigan boat shop.

The Tow Vehicle

This is one essential equipment you need. A bass boat together with its trailer can weigh more than 3500 lbs when fully loaded with gear and fuel. You should ensure that the capacity of the tow vehicle you plan to use is enough to tow your boat. 18 feet or longer bass boats should be hauled using a V-8 engine while V-6 engines can pull smaller boats.


There are two materials you can choose: aluminum and fiberglass. An aluminum boat is less costly but is rougher to ride and easily blown even by the slightest wind. Fiberglass boats can withstand rough water and will give you a smoother and faster ride. Even with higher costs, they are the ideal option if you are planning to cover lots of water and have lower fuel costs. Fiberglass bass boats are the standard boats used for tournament fishing.

Size of the Boat

Before deciding on a size for your boat, consider where you will be fishing. For rivers and small lakes, a small boat fitted with a small outboard motor will suffice. For larger bodies of water, a 19-foot minimum would be ideal.

There is enough room on board to store the day’s catch in a well-aerated live tank well. High-horsepower outboard engines are often used for bass boats. Buying a quality bass boat at a pontoon boat shop in Michigan will ensure you enjoy your time in the water. Enjoy your fishing expedition!