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A Spa Holiday May Keep The Doctor Away

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 05 Aug 2015 07:32 AM / Comments Off on A Spa Holiday May Keep The Doctor Away / 270 views

Spa Holidays in UKAfter working for months without a holiday, your boss finally gave you three days off to enjoy yourself. You want to do something extreme like travel abroad or learn a new sport. Your body, however, took a beating from your heavy workload and clearly needs a break.

Vacations do not always have to be extreme especially when the purpose is to help your body recover from the rigours of working life. It is for that reason that spa breaks in Bath are popular nowadays. These spa trips give you not only a well-deserved rest but a healthy holiday, as well.

De-stress your distress

The main purpose of vacations is to remove your stress, which is what you will achieve when you have a spa holiday. The calming warm waters and relaxing atmosphere will surely make you forget your worries at work. Full-body massages, yoga and other therapeutic activities can help you forget your problems, as well.

Pain relief

Studies showed that spa breaks are ideal for people who suffer from certain conditions. Constant exposure to hot water reduces pains and improves spinal mobility for those with chronic low back pains. Warm water aids in the movement of joints for arthritic patients, as well.


Whilst a busy lifestyle makes your body active, it does not necessarily make you healthy. Stress and toxins might build up in your body over time, which will make you vulnerable to diseases.

Spa holidays contain activities like daily exercise, nutritious food and detox juices, which will get rid of toxins, cleansing the liver, kidneys, lungs and skin. These activities will prevent premature aging and lower your risk of getting sick.

Weight loss

If you want to lose weight without lifting weights and doing other hard activities, then a spa holiday is ideal for you. Some spa centres have complete fitness programs to help you shake off unwanted pounds. There are establishments that offer physical exams, medical plans, diet programs and private sessions with personal trainers if you want a one-size-fits-all package.

Spas are more than places for rest and relaxation. These provide a variety of health benefits – from pain relief to weight loss – all of which can help keep the doctor away. All it takes is the right spa centre to invest your money and time in.