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A Tribute That Blooms: Flowers for a Mother’s Funeral

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 03 Sep 2015 00:00 AM / Comments Off on A Tribute That Blooms: Flowers for a Mother’s Funeral / 247 views

funeralWhen it comes to saying farewell to a loved one like your mum, funeral flowers can express your feelings in a way that words never can. This is because every flower has a symbolic meaning that can convey meaningful and heartfelt messages. When words just are not enough, a floral display can give your mother a tribute that blooms with breathtaking beauty.

Funeral directors in Australia recognise the importance of floral arrangements for every funeral. Funeral service providers in major cities and the management of a cemetery in Brisbane compiled a list of flower choices for a mother’s funeral.


Symbolising strong, undying love, roses are a popular choice for funeral arrangements. Pink roses are one of the favourites, signifying appreciation and gratitude, making them a wonderful choice for honouring mothers. Yellow roses, which symbolise friendship, are also a top favourite. Red roses, on the other hand, are also used despite their association with passion and love.


If you want a flower that signifies a special bond that is nurturing, pink tulips are an ideal choice.  Yellow tulips are also appropriate, as they symbolise happiness, new life and cheerful thoughts. White flowers are also a great alternative, as they speak of purity, respect and forgiveness. These three colours are popular for tulip arrangements designed for funerals.

Pink Carnations

As a flower that symbolises a mother’s never-ending love, pink carnation is the most obvious choice. This is probably because of the story that the first carnations blossomed from the ground where Mary shed tears over her son’s death. Other colours of the flower are also a good alternative, like white carnations, which symbolise good luck and pure love. You can also use soft red flowers, which signify admiration.

Apart from roses, tulips and carnations, white lilies are also a great choice. They are commonly associated with funerals because they signify the soul’s restored innocence after death. You can also use iris of different colours that symbolise various meanings. Blue denotes hope and faith, purple represents wisdom, while pink symbolises friendship and admiration.