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After School Care: Learning Beyond the Four Walls of the Classroom

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 02 Sep 2015 09:45 AM / Comments Off on After School Care: Learning Beyond the Four Walls of the Classroom / 247 views

Child DevelopmentPay attention to the growth and development of your children. They grow so fast you’ll be surprised at how quickly they learn to speak, walk and make sense of the world. It’s essential that you guide them every step of the way.

The children of today’s generation can multi-task efficiently. Studies in developmental psychology show that the brains of children have developed in a way that enables greater interconnectivity. This means kids can easily pick up on various stimuli and act on all of them at once.

The main concern, however, is that they may find it more difficult to focus on one thing. While they learn a lot in a short period of time, the mastery takes longer and requires more concentration. This may also affect the formation of children’s interpersonal skills.

One way to address this problem is to develop children’s social connectiveness. Consider sending them in an after school care. This allows them to learn outside the traditional setting. It also helps them explore their interests and develop their interpersonal skills.

Developing Interpersonal Skills

Through socialisation, children shape their personalities. Dealing with others helps them build their character. An after school care encourages children to socialise.  It promotes healthy child development by engaging children in physical and creative activities, and by involving them in community, organisations and clubs.

Providing Personalised Care

According to Family Matters, personalised care is crucial for children’s development. This helps them build confidence and strengthens the foundation of their talents. Many after school care provides quality and personalised approach to child education.

Formal schooling is essential in children’s development, but don’t limit their learning within the four walls of the classroom. Go the extra mile. After all, your child deserves the best.