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Afterschool Program and What it Does for Your Child

By Admin / Published on Sunday, 29 Nov 2015 06:17 AM / Comments Off on Afterschool Program and What it Does for Your Child / 252 views

Afterschool ProgramsEnrolling a child in an afterschool care program doesn’t just give convenience to working parents and families. It also provides an avenue for the kid to learn more, develop skills and make after school hours more productive.

Here are some of the ways an afterschool program could be beneficial for your child, according to Family Matters Homebased Childcare.

It gives your child a chance to socialise

An afterschool program lets your child meet more friends and teachers. Most programs include group activities and games. This is a good opportunity for your child to develop their social skills. This could be very beneficial for young people who tend to be shy and aloof at school.

It helps your child be physically active

Programs also include various activities that promote physical fitness. The majority of them focus on sports such as soccer and swimming. Not only does it improve your child’s overall physical health, but it also helps them develop essential values such as teamwork, leadershipand sportsmanship.

It improves your child’s love for learning

Participating in afterschool programs can also help improve a kid’s engagement with learning. According to specialists in afterschool care in Hamilton, children are more eager to go to school and study hard. Participants also show improved school attendance. This translates to more opportunities to learn and excel academically.

It gives you child higher grades

On the topic of excellence at school, research has also shown that children also tend to have higher test scores. Programs that provide homework and lesson support can effectively maximise a child’s learning so they can achieve higher grades.

It makes your child a good child

Statistics also reveal that kids who attend afterschool sessions are less likely to develop aggressive behaviour towards other children and engage in risky activities. Your child may be less likely to bully, skip school or do things that aren’t appropriate for their age.

Afterschool care is not just designed to provide convenience to families who can’t attend to their kids after school hours. It is also a highly efficient way to make children develop new skills, be productive and do better in school.