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Alternative Ways to Go Cavity-Free

By Admin / Published on Friday, 19 May 2017 14:10 PM / Comments Off on Alternative Ways to Go Cavity-Free / 258 views

Cigarette with a quit word on a calendarThe most common tip anyone can give you to prevent having cavities is to always brush your teeth properly and do not forget to floss. Many people know and follow this regimen, but still, they get cavities from time to time.

When cavities form, visits to the dentists are a must, but there are other means to prevent cavities aside from having excellent oral hygiene. Dental clinics in Richmond such as The Gill Clinic will tell you these other ways, and these include the following.

Chewing gum

Sweets are one of the main causes of cavities are sweets, thus the irony, right? But, thanks to modern day innovations, there are teeth friendly chewing gums made of Xylitol, an alternative sweetening ingredient that actually promotes healthy teeth.

Dentists all over the world recommend it to prevent cavities. Now, you can have your dose of sweet stuff without feeling guilty.

Snack on cheese

Bones need calcium to be stronger and cheese, along with milk, is two of the most common sources of calcium. So instead on munching on chips, start munching on cheese and help make your teeth stronger while preventing cavities at the same time.

Quit smoking

Smoking does not only cause discolouration of one’s teeth, but it also increases your risk of acquiring cavities, not to mention various lung diseases. Your teeth enamel wears off due to the bacteria that stick to your mouth when you smoke, making your teeth very vulnerable to the formation of cavities.

Use a straw

Drink soda moderately using a straw to avoid sugar sticking in your teeth. Using a straw to drink coffee and tea might be awkward, but avoiding such beverages making contact with your teeth reduces your risk of cavity formation and discolouration.

Proper oral hygiene along with these additional means can make your teeth healthy and cavity free in no time.