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Are missing teeth hampering your life?

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 08 Jun 2017 14:30 PM / Comments Off on Are missing teeth hampering your life? / 207 views

Kid with lost teethLosing your teeth can be more than simply inconvenient. Constantly thinking about your appearance, what you can eat or how you sound when you are talking can really impact on your quality of life. Gaps look unsightly when you smile but if there is insufficient support from inside your mouth then your lips and cheeks can also start to sag. You may have tried dentures but found that they are inconvenient, uncomfortable or hard to get used to. Dental implants​ offer a great, permanent alternative as they act just like your natural tooth roots and provide a stable base for replacement teeth.

How do they work?

The implants are small metal screws which are fitted into jaw during a minor surgical procedure. During the healing process, the bones and blood vessels mesh around them to hold them in place. When they are stable, they can be used as a base for a single replacement tooth, several teeth or a whole set of dentures. Usually a full set of new teeth can be fitted on just four implants, a technique known as All-on-4 implants. PDC Dental Implants in South Yorkshire has found that this procedure is an effective long-term solution as, with the correct care, implants can last for several decades. Investing in dental implants will improve your looks as well as your quality of life.

My case is complicated

Having dental implants relies on the bone in your jaw being strong enough. Unfortunately, if you have had gaps in your mouth for a long time or have been wearing dentures, it is likely that some shrinkage of the tissues has occurred. This is because the bone is not stimulated by the tooth roots during normal biting and chewing actions. If this is the case then there are more advanced techniques such as zygomatic implants available. These make use of longer metal screws that reach the stable bones in the cheekbone to provide a secure base for your replacement teeth. This means that the benefits of dental implants are available to almost everyone.