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Art Prints in Australia: The Ins And Outs Before You Start Collecting

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 07 Jul 2016 06:59 AM / Comments Off on Art Prints in Australia: The Ins And Outs Before You Start Collecting / 299 views

Art CollectionBuying art prints in Australia is quite an art form on its own. It requires a good eye, a level of expertise to know which are of good value, and of course, a passion for the arts. Art prints are the more accessible form of collecting art, however, TWFINEART notes that there is more to it.

Here’s what you need to know about prints and what makes it different from the traditional painting. If you have plans on collecting, here’s a couple of facts as well.

What’s the difference?

Prints are usually reproductions of existing paintings that are adorned in museums. Usually there is a tag or a label on the print that indicates so. A lot of famous painters have sold art prints before, but they only produce a very limited amount for every painting printed. This is just their way of adding more value to the art print, so that they couldn’t be reduced to something like a postcard in terms of value.

Some art prints are so well made, experts find it difficult to decipher whether it’s a print or not. This is usually the case for oil or water color paintings that have a particular texture when printed. Art curators and collectors uses professional equipment so that they can know which one is the real deal.

What to look for in an art print

When buying an art print in Australia, make sure that you have a certificate of authenticity. Also, there are ways of finding out if the art print you are purchasing is the original or merely a reproduction – but it is best to consult with art experts regarding this matter. Another thing that needs to be checked is the quality of the print itself from its batch, as some prints are less bright and vibrant compared to others.

With this said it is best if you could choose the closest one to the original. Above everything, don’t just buy an art print for the sake of possible profit. Do so for the love of the arts.