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ATV vs UTV: What to Use for Search and Rescue

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 19 Apr 2017 02:37 AM / Comments Off on ATV vs UTV: What to Use for Search and Rescue / 219 views

ATV Emergency services such as medical response, fire response, and search and rescue operate in hazardous environments in the backcountry. As a part of such services, you obviously need to have gear and other equipment with you. To carry such equipment into challenging and hazardous terrain, however, you can depend on all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) or utility terrain vehicles (UTVs).

ATVs in Service

Now, you may already know how reliable such vehicles can be, but you may be wondering which of the two types of vehicles to choose. ATVs have served search and rescue teams in the field well. A volunteer unit in Nevada uses ATVs to scour miles of backcountry to search for lost individuals and other tasks.

UTVs in Service

At the same time, UTVs have also been great tools for search and rescue. A Utah SAR unit recently mounted a search for two college students lost on a mountain. They explored on foot, on trucks, and on UTVs. The team eventually found the students and rescued them by rope rescue.

Ideal for Searches

Now, you can pick between an ATV or UTV for your team based on what your needs are. You can pick an ATV when you need to be fast and agile in rough terrain. You can easily drive through tight woods and cover more miles in a search operation. ATVs can be ideal for searches but not for rescue as ATVs lack the passenger capacity. You can also choose an ATV when on a tight budget.

Ideal for Search and Rescue

A search and rescue UTV from Shank’s Argo, on the other hand, may be the better option. More stable and comfortable than ATVs, UTVs can be used for both searches and rescues as they have the passenger capacity for transportation. You can also use UTVs when you have heavy equipment or many tools for use in an operation.

With the considerations given above, you can make a more informed decision when purchasing either an ATV or a UTV. You can take a look at what your needs are in your SAR team and decide on a vehicle accordingly.