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Bad Teeth Does Not Only Affect Oral Health, But Also Overall Health

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 02 Sep 2015 04:42 AM / Comments Off on Bad Teeth Does Not Only Affect Oral Health, But Also Overall Health / 226 views

Overall HealthThe benefits of having a straight set of teeth go far beyond confidence and a beautiful smile. According to research, straighter teeth contribute to better overall dental health. On the other hand, crooked teeth can damage a patient’s health in many ways. It can cause serious dental problems, not to mention emotional issues.

Excessively spaced, misaligned or crowded teeth, for instance, can wear unevenly over time. In some people, it can cause the teeth to weaken and fall out. According to and many other dental practices in the UK, other problems associated with bad teeth include excessive wear, jaw pain, headaches, and difficulty in cleaning the teeth, which can potentially cause tooth decay and gum disease in the long run.

Strain and TMD

When teeth do not fit together comfortably, it places pressure and strain and the surrounding teeth, as well as the jaw structure. This leads to chipping wearing, earaches, and headaches. The pressure on the jaw can also lead to severe pain in the neck and jaw.

In addition, this pressure can lead to the development of TMD or temporomandibular disorders. Some of its symptoms include discomfort and pain on the face, as well as in the jaw joint area, in or around the ear, neck, and shoulders.

Oral Infections Caused by Bacteria

People with crowded or crooked teeth have a hard time cleaning and taking care of their pearly whites, which leads to tartar build up. This, then leads to bacteria build up that infects the tissue around the tooth. Numerous studies have proven that oral infections caused by bacteria build up may lead to more serious ailments, too, such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and pneumonia.

Lower Self-Esteem

Several studies suggest that a better-look set of teeth makes a person smile often, which can lower stress and improve cognitive ability. Having crooked teeth, on the other hand, may reduce their confidence and lower their self-esteem.

Many people are surprised to find out that bad-looking teeth can affect more than just their dental health, as it also affects their heart and even their mind. Fortunately, there is a range of teeth-straightening solutions out there, such as Invisalign, which can help improve smiles efficiently.