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Be Encouraged to Cook: Ways to be Motivated

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 10 May 2018 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Be Encouraged to Cook: Ways to be Motivated / 101 views

woman by the stove cookingCooking is among the most basic skills that you must possess. This is especially true if you live alone and have no one who will cook you food. Cooking your own food can even help you curb your expenses, as it will keep you from lunch-outs. But what’s more important about learning to cook is that you get to decide which ingredients to use and how to experiment with them.

Cooking, for many, can be challenging. But it does not have to be! There are many ways to encourage yourself. If you are looking for those pointers, look no further. They are enumerated below.

Start with the basics

You are not expected to cook a beef Wellington or a foie gras outright. There is a learning curve, and if you are a newbie, you will realize that you need to start with the basics. But don’t worry, it could be fun, too! Just try easy‘s recipes and taste them yourself. You should be cooking baked potatoes or a simple stew.


If you want to go beyond the basics, you always have the liberty to try something on your own. This is where you can play with different healthy ingredients and come up with something delicious. As they say, some of the best things happen by accident.

Take note of the compliments (and negative feedback)

You may choose to host a dinner party at your home and serve all the dishes that you have cooked on your own. Ask your guests’ opinions and apply them to your dishes for the next time. Do not take it seriously or personally when some of your guests might not have liked your cooking.

Learning to cook is a life skill. It is a skill you can easily count on if all else fails.