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Better Dental Health through Better Dental Care

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 05 Jul 2016 07:45 AM / Comments Off on Better Dental Health through Better Dental Care / 330 views

No one enjoys going to the dentist. No matter how pleasant your dentist is, theProper way of brushing teeth very thought of sitting in the dental chair even for a routine check-up fills the bravest people with dread. The best way to avoid the drill and other unpleasant things while in the chair is to have great dental health. 

Here are some top tips to better dental health, aside from brushing and flossing regularly.

Avoid sugar

The human body does not handle processed sugar very well, and the teeth are the first victims. The occasional cookie or sweet bun is acceptable. However, regular doses of sugar will not only sap your energy, it is the leading cause of tooth decay. If you want healthy teeth, lay off the sugar in anything you eat or drink, especially soft drinks, dentists recommend, including Soho’s PS Dental Care.

Eat a balanced diet

Your teeth and gums need nourishment as much as the rest of your body. Strive for a balanced diet that contains lots of protein, starchy foods, fruits, and vegetables. These are full of vitamins and minerals to help keep your teeth and gums strong and healthy. Leafy greens, cheese, and almonds are particularly good for teeth. They contain calcium and phosphorous, both of which keep the enamel strong

Stop smoking

The nicotine in tobacco stains your teeth. It also gives you bad breath. Most importantly, though, smoking can increase your risk of gum disease. Since your teeth and gum go together, you want to make sure both are healthy. Besides, smoking also increases your risk of some cancers and heart disease, so your teeth could be the least of your problems if you do not stop.

Avoid alcohol

One glass of red wine is good for the heart, but anything more than that is bad for your teeth. Alcohol wears away the enamel of your teeth, especially if you do not brush immediately after drinking. Too much alcohol can also lead to mouth cancer. Combine that with smoking, and you are sure to be visiting your dentist more often than you want.

If you are like most people, you hate going to the dentist. You don’t need to. But, for those adamant, here’s how you can minimise the visits, but remember, DIY only does so much, so it’s still best to drop by their clinic once a year. easy-to-follow tips can help you with that.