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Can You Inherit Fertility Problems?

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 15 Feb 2017 14:09 PM / Comments Off on Can You Inherit Fertility Problems? / 251 views

Baby in Father's ArmsYou are, partly, the product of your parents. You may get your mother’s brunette hair, and your father’s green eyes. In addition to certain physical characteristics, you may also get or have a higher risk of acquiring your parents’ health problems, or or it could skip your generation and be passed on to your child, according to studies and IVF medication providers like Fast IVF. Will you also inherit fertility problems from parents?

Only for Some Men

Scientists from the Centre for Reproductive Medicine at Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Brussels, Belgium concluded that men born through a type of fertility treatment, in comparison to men born naturally, may have poorer sperm quality and quantity.

After conducting an analysis of 54 men who were born through intracytoplasmic sperm injection, or ICSI, researchers found evidence that suggests the correlation between the procedure and poor sperm quality and quantity. Of the 54, 50 had fathers with male-factor infertility, and only four had unknown reasons for infertility.

Father Playing with his ChildICSI, part of in vitro fertilization, entails sperm collection from the man and injection into the inner part of a woman’s egg, which the doctor then transfers to the womb. Doctors are able to harness the best quality sperm through the process, but scientists have, for years, thought ICSI could pass on the infertility problems of the male to his offspring.

The findings, however, only indicate that men conceived through ICSI are likely to deal with an increase infertility problems. It is not a sealed fate for men to lose the ability to father children, so there is hope.

Getting Treatment

About 65% of couples who seek treatment for fertility problems are able to successfully conceive, according to national fertility association, Resolve. Your doctor may recommend taking fertility drugs to promote ovulation, if this is the cause of the infertility. A combination of fertility drugs and IVF can lead to a pregnancy rate of 10% to 20%, per treatment cycle.

IVF, however, is expensive. The average cost is $12,400, excluding the medications. In addition to the IVF drugs, there is also the number of cycles to consider and what the insurance can cover, when thinking of costs.

Managing the Costs of Fertility Treatment

Fortunately, you can reduce the expense of your fertility treatment with an online purchase of fertility drugs. Buying fertility drugs on the Web is not only less expensive, but also more convenient. For example, if you were traveling with your spouse or partner, you can still take medication because you can have the IVF drugs shipped to your current location.

As long as you obtain your IVF medication from a reputable online source, you can confidently and consistently go through your fertility treatment, without stressing over the costs.

How Do You Know which IVF Medication Provider to Trust?

A provider will ensure you send the prescription along with your order. The provider should not stop at receiving your prescription, but also proceed to verifying the validity of that prescription. This indicates the legitimacy of the service. And, of course, make sure you are getting authentic IVF medication to prevent any health risk.

In general, you don’t inherit fertility problems. There are several factors that contribute to male and female infertility. With treatment options and affordability of IVF drugs, there is hope for conception. Seek medical advice, and explore your options today.