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Color, Cut, Clarity & Carat: Choosing Only the Best for Your Forever

By Admin / Published on Friday, 27 Jan 2017 09:22 AM / Comments Off on Color, Cut, Clarity & Carat: Choosing Only the Best for Your Forever / 202 views

Moissanite Engagement RingThanks to Austrian Archduke Maximillian and Mary of Burgundy, the world became obsessed with diamond engagement rings. As of late, however, diamonds have found a worthy rival in Moissanite.

What is Moissanite?

Moissanite is composed of silicon carbide, a naturally occurring stone that is immensely rare. What you see in stores today, however, are mostly laboratory creations. It has since gained popularity for a variety of reasons and among them are its durability and its visual resemblance to diamonds.

Why Choose Moissanite?

Cost and clarity are what Moissanite buyers are drawn to. A 1-carat Moissanite can cost roughly 1/7 that of a 1-carat diamond. The sign is that Moissanite is measured by size rather than weight. Still, the visual allure of this stone is undeniable.

Where brilliance is concerned, experts can easily manipulate synthesized gemstones to have impurities removed. Moissanite production, in particular, has developed the Amora Moissanite, which is unparalleled for its brilliance and clarity. Cuts made in other stones are also easily replicated using Moissanite, though it is often still cut into rounds to maximize its sparkle.

Acquiring Moissanite

Moissanite jewelry is available both online and offline. A simple search of “where to buy Moissanite” can turn up results for the original Moissanite stone as well as variants like the Amora Moissanite. As with all transactions, noted that it is always best to exercise caution.

If you’re purchasing online, make sure you are buying from a reputable business and has a history of good transactions. It’s often easiest to transact with a store that you are already familiar with offline. You can be sure of both the quality of their products and their reputation. This should not, however, discourage you from making your purchase from a lesser-known channel. Sometimes, these sellers could offer unique designs and customized pieces at a fraction of the charges made by larger stores.

Think about what matters to you and what it means for the person you are buying the jewelry for. Accounting for personal taste and what the gemstone means to you can help you make the best choice.