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Cream Soup Without the Cream? Possible!

By Admin / Published on Friday, 30 Sep 2016 01:17 AM / Comments Off on Cream Soup Without the Cream? Possible! / 190 views

Cream SoupSipping a spoonful of soup is one way to beat the dropping temperature. As the winter season draws nearer again, recipes for cream soup bases make their way to your Google search tabs once more. Have healthier soup recipes with lesser fats and calories without compromising the taste. Here are some ways to make your soups as creamy, without the cream!

Ways to make creamless cream soup

  1. Puree

The secret to tasty cream soup is the flavor and the texture. By removing cream from the picture, the texture of the soup could suffer. Blending some (not all) of the soup can help add to your soup’s thickness.

  1. Stale Bread

Stale bread makes effective soup thickeners. Tear bread into small pieces and let it soak in a cup of your soup. Once fully soaked, use a blender to make a puree. Add the blended parts into the soup to make it thicker.

  1. Milk and yogurt

Milk and yogurt also make a good substitute for cream. However, the thinner the milk (i.e. Skimmed milk), the thinner the texture of the soup will be. Coconut milk also serves as good thickeners without affecting the flavor of your soup. Yogurt works well. It might not yield a very creamy result, but it adds tanginess to your soup’s flavour.

  1. Potato or rice

Pureed potato or rice makes good natural thickeners. Use a blender instead of a food processor to avoid having a grainy finish to your soup.

  1. Natural thickeners

Good old cornstarch and flour never fail! Dissolve starch in water and adds to your soup to get the creamy texture.

Who says your soup need high-calorie cream to be creamy and yummy? With these simple kitchen hacks, you can enjoy your cream soup the way you want, minus the guilt!