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Diamond Ring Alternatives For A Unique Engagement Ring

By Admin / Published on Friday, 11 Aug 2017 20:05 PM / Comments Off on Diamond Ring Alternatives For A Unique Engagement Ring / 247 views

Diamond RingDiamond rings in Utah – offered by jewelry shops such as AAA Jewelers – appear to remain in vogue for the most part among brides, yet many have also looked into alternative and unique engagement rings. Do you want a nontraditional ring yourself or for your bride?

You can look at the options below and choose!

Rose Gold Band

Diamond rings come commonly on silver bands, but you can opt for a rose gold band instead. Rose gold, or pink gold, compliments all kinds of skin tones, which makes it great for different types of brides. Compared to yellow and white gold, a rose gold ring also features better durability.

Unconventional Designs

When it comes to the design of the engagement ring, you can choose from a variety of trending designs. Floral, vintage-inspired, and bow designs have become popular lately. Popular band designs also come in square, double shank, or stacking styles.

You can also follow popular diamond cuts such as the pear-shaped, marquis-cut, or oval-cut.

Colored Diamonds

Besides the design and the color of the engagement ring, you can actually choose other jewels aside from white diamonds. Colored diamonds, although less popular, can still actually look stunning. At the same time, colored diamonds can come in prices 65 to 75 percent lower than white diamonds.

Lab-Made Diamonds

Alternately, you can choose laboratory-made diamonds. These diamonds contain the exact same chemical properties of natural diamonds. They also look the same as natural ones. With lab diamonds, you can save about 20 percent off natural diamonds.

Other Gems

Gems include stones other than diamond. You can choose ruby, sapphire or emerald stones, which can be as or more stunning than a diamond. Unfortunately, they can chip more easily than diamonds. Other gems worth considering also include morganite, quartz, sunstone, and moissanite.

Morganite, quartz, and Sunstone have even less hardness than the ruby, sapphire, and emerald. Finally, moissanite has a hardness and appearance exactly like a diamond, yet it is an entirely different stone.

With the alternatives given above, you can better find that unique engagement ring for your beloved.