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DIY Teeth Straightening: A Teeth-Destroying Trend

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 05 Apr 2017 16:38 PM / Comments Off on DIY Teeth Straightening: A Teeth-Destroying Trend / 206 views

DIY Teeth StraigtheningTeeth straightening tools, such as traditional braces and Invisalign, effectively align teeth to improve the patient’s smile. Using these tools to treat crooked or misaligned teeth can mean a considerably big cost, but the benefits are what you’re paying for. Such costs may perhaps be the reason some people have chosen to do their own teeth straightening using DIY materials.

This practice, however, is silently and gradually destroying the teeth of many people. No DIY techniques can provide better results than innovative clear braces offered by your orthodontist in West Jordan. Find out why a dental visit and a legitimate dental treatment are still your best option.

DIY Teeth Straightening: A Trend

DIY teeth straightening may sound stupid to do, especially when you know that no one else other than orthodontists has sufficient knowledge on how to straighten teeth properly. Despite this fact, some people think wearing DIY braces is a great idea. The American Association of Orthodontists recently reported its discovery of patients who have attempted DIY teeth straightening.

Costs of DIY

Of course, the results of DIY straightening were predictably ugly. The president of the AAO himself noted that most of the DIY straightening cases damaged the teeth to the point that the teeth cannot be saved by professional help. You can find actual stories of DIY straightening gone wrong. Such grisly stories may serve to show the value of professional orthodontic treatments.

YouTube Influence

Now, most adults will easily learn to be wary of DIY straightening, but children will be less discerning. Many YouTube videos have popped up, ‘teaching’ viewers how to straighten their teeth. Materials used in the tutorials range from paperclips and rubber bands to wire and a Sharpie.

Protect Your Children

To protect your children from committing grave errors regarding their oral health, you can simply watch over them as you usually do. You can also educate your kids early about teeth oral hygiene, and the importance of dental visits.

You can avoid paying a large sum of money to repair the damage caused by DIY straightening by getting professional orthodontic help early on. Look for an orthodontic practice that offers effective treatments for crooked or misaligned teeth.

You can find an orthodontic practice here in West Jordan that can provide you with clear braces, traditional braces, or Invisalign for your crooked teeth.