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Embrace Those Curves: Your Guide to Highlighting Your Best Assets

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 10 Oct 2018 18:09 PM / Comments Off on Embrace Those Curves: Your Guide to Highlighting Your Best Assets / 65 views

Group of women shoppingAs a plus size woman, it’s not always easy to find clothes that can flatter your curvy physique. So you tend to settle for the typical black dresses, tops, and jeans, which hide your beautiful body and limit your options for style. At Verona Couture, we believe fashion has no limit.

Fortunately, brands are catching on to the fact that most women aren’t petite or slim. Women come in all shapes and sizes. And rightfully so, you’ll now find clothes that complement your shape.

Here’s a quick guide to highlighting your best assets:

Apple Shaped Body

Women with an apple-shaped body have broad shoulders, a wide torso, and a full waist. With this type of body, you can focus on minimizing your midsection by emphasizing your arms, legs, and shoulders.

What to get:

– Relaxed silhouettes

– Shift dresses

– Flowy tunics

– V-necklines

– Boyfriend tops

You can also wear sleeveless or strapless tops to further highlight your shoulders. When temperatures drop, cover up with fitted sleeves to balance your fuller midsection. For outwear, opt for ponchos and swing coats.

Try to stay away from high-waisted pants as they accentuate your midsection. Instead, wear low-waisted, straight-leg pants that can camouflage tummy bulge but accentuate your legs.

Pear-Shaped Body

Women with a pear-shaped body have larger hips and a smaller bust area. The waist is also defined, and the arms and shoulders are slim. With this shape, you’ll want to add volume to your upper torso to lengthen your figure.

What to get:

– Wide necklines (boat neck or scoop neck)

– Belted or cinched style

– Clothes that have details, which draw the eyes to the face

– Sizes that are neither tight nor loose

– Heeled shoes, preferably heavier style heels

These style suggestions aim to give a balance between your hips and upper torso as well as give you a more defined waist. You can finish your look with a blazer, especially one that has puffed sleeves for better proportions.

Try to avoid wearing a blazer that reaches the widest point of your hips. It should only hit above or at waist level. You may also want to reconsider wearing shoes with ankle straps or t-strap styles as they can make your legs appear larger.

The Hourglass Body

This type of body is similar to an hourglass where a woman has a full bust, a narrow waist, and a wide hip. If this is your body shape, your focus is more on highlighting your curves. There are various ensembles you can play around with to achieve a chic style.

What to get:

– Fitted A-line mini dress

– Wrap dresses

– Skinny jeans

– Bodycon co-ordinate sets (co-ords)

– Corset belts

– Pencil skirt

– High-waisted pants

Try not to wear baggie clothes because it “buries” your gorgeous body.

Fashion is more than putting on pretty clothes. Fashion can also uplift your mood when you wear clothes that boost your confidence and make you feel comfortable. Your size, whether you’re a 14 or 24, shouldn’t limit your options for tops, bottoms, or dresses.

Choose from our wide selection of modern plus size clothing that can match your full figure.

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