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Enjoying Singapore to the Fullest: Careful Planning Does the Trick

By Admin / Published on Monday, 27 Mar 2017 06:14 AM / Comments Off on Enjoying Singapore to the Fullest: Careful Planning Does the Trick / 145 views

Merlion in SingaporeIf you are looking for a holiday destination that melds the urban appeal with a distinct calm and serene environment, you cannot go wrong with Singapore. Many people fail to realize that this country is one of the most incredible holiday destinations and fail to make the most of their visit.

Unlike other countries, you can tour the entire of Singapore in a matter of hours. The entire country is smaller than most big cities in the world. From the epic Singapore countdown to, well, the next Singapore countdown event, turn your time here into a continuous ball of fun. The secret is careful planning.

Here are some suggestions.

Enjoy the fresh air

If you are an early riser, you can start your day at one of the exquisite parks that are open to the public. In the morning hours, the bustling metropolis is quiet and peaceful. Finely manicured gardens and dense green foliage in the parks create an awe-inspiring atmosphere that rekindles your spirits.

You can put on your trainers and keep fit in the serene surroundings.

Shop until you drop

After an exciting morning, you can shop and until you drop from the many couture outlets in the garden city. You can also indulge your love for all things electronics. From the latest mobile phones, laptops, cameras, and other electronic gadgets, you can snap them at a steal.

You can enjoy discounts of up to 20 percent of the standard asking price. Haggling skills required.

Enjoy the local cuisine

You can indulge your taste buds in the local cuisine; savor the mouthwatering spicy curries and tasty noodle dishes. From the street eateries to the high-end end tourist establishments, the meals with leave your taste buds tingling.

After sundown, you can unwind in the various rooftop bars and marvel at the spectacular sunsets.

A trip to the garden city makes for memorable and exciting experience for anyone seeking an incredible holiday destination. You can get your vacation off to a good start by following these useful pointers.