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Finger Lickin’ Nail Polish Stirs Controversy Online

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 22 Nov 2016 22:19 PM / Comments Off on Finger Lickin’ Nail Polish Stirs Controversy Online / 231 views

Nail treatments in New ZealandNail treatments have evolved in such a way that preferences can quickly change as soon as another trend hits the market.

At the moment, nail art is the trend; plus the many different variations of finishes including temperature-sensitive nail colouring. But, with the introduction of finger lickin’ good KFC nail polishes, the industry is about to see another peculiar shift.

For this reason, salons like actively watches out for the current trends. And apparently, nails that smell of the favourite chicken brand is one of them.

For the Sake of Fashion

Same as how fashion trends these days seem to be less about the clothes and more about how much skin you can expose, the concept of what makes nail fashion ‘in’ is also mind-boggling. Following the recent attempt of beverage brands such as sprite to capitalize the cosmetics industry by introducing sprite-based lipstick products, the nail industry now has KFC-infused nail polishes.

The NZ Herald reports, ‘From intricate nail art to spray on polish – people are getting more creative. Now fast food giant KFC has taken the idea one step further with their edible nail polish that supposedly tastes like chicken.’

Just How Much Chicken is a Chicken Nail Polish

In all fairness, for one of KFC’s main headquarters in Hong Kong, the company released their all-time favourite flavours, the Original Recipe and the Hot & Spicy shades. The overall campaign is almost from April fool’s day, but KFC expresses its straight dedication to the new product with the slogan, “its finger lickin’ good”. In retrospect, perhaps the most controversial thing about this nail polish is not the flavours or the colours, but the plain fact that it’s edible too; as KFC claims all materials are indeed ‘sourced from natural ingredients’.

According to a BBC reporter, who had the opportunity to finger lickin’ consume the nail polish, while the spices and flavour is present, you simply can’t detect the presence of chicken.

Hopefully, KFC-infused nail polish will simply come to pass only as one of those innovations that is soon forgotten.