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For Customer-Facing Professionals: Ways to Initiate Conversations with Customers

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 02 Feb 2017 03:13 AM / Comments Off on For Customer-Facing Professionals: Ways to Initiate Conversations with Customers / 180 views

customer service professionals in Salt Lake City
Whether you’re a hairdresser or a banker, you’re always expected to initiate conversations and interactions. It’s one of the easiest ways to make transactions with customers less of a chore and much more bearable. But it’s not always an easy thing to do

Initiating interactions with customers can be easy if you know what to ask and you know how to respond. Below are some of the tips to help you. Note that some of them are even taught at Salt Lake City beauty schools and personality development centers.

Ask the right questions

A simple question like “How was your day” can do the trick. This works easily if the customer is responsive. Otherwise, don’t force the conversation and just carry out the transaction. But if you sense that the customer is nice and responsive, don’t hesitate to ask questions, ranging from “Got plans this weekend?” to “Cat or dog?” Just don’t go to sensitive territories, such as politics and religion.

Always mention their name

Dale Carnegie once said that a person’s name is the sweetest sound to that person. Showing that you remember the person’s name is one great way of telling that you care. And while you’re at it, you might want to give your customer a genuine compliment. They’ll surely love it.

Make  Eye Contact

Two things may happen if you don’t make eye contact: 1) it’ll be more awkward for you to carry out the transaction. 2) the customer may think that you’re rude. It’s important that you make eye contact to show intent in what you’re doing and sincerity. Just don’t hold the contact for too long that your customer starts to feel uncomfortable and find you creepy.

Initiating small talks is one of the most important parts of a customer-facing job. Improve your skills with these tips and don’t forget to read materials that will help you deal with customers.