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For the Little Ones: Cosmetic Dentistry

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 10 Nov 2015 07:37 AM / Comments Off on For the Little Ones: Cosmetic Dentistry / 186 views

Cosmetic Dentistry in Sioux FallsThat temporary gap-toothed grin is adorable on children and is sometimes normal for many kids, but there are some who have dental deficiencies that won’t exactly go away without intervention. If you think that your child’s smile can benefit from some repair, consider cosmetic dentistry.

There are some parents who think that cosmetic dentistry is just an aesthetic and possible option, but it can actually provide excellent benefits to children. For starters, it can help kids build their self-esteem. Likewise, aside from ensuring that your kid’s teeth look good, cosmetic dentistry can also treat dental issues and prevent them from worsening or happening again in the future.

Below are some of the more common cosmetic dentistry procedures among children:

Break Repair

When your child breaks a tooth due to an accident, there are options available to repair the damage, such as bonding or using a false tooth. If the damage is more severe, your child can be fitted with a full crown or veneers.


Before, you immediately think of unsightly silver fillings when you need to have a tooth filled. Now however, dentists use fillings with colors that will resemble your child’s tooth the most so that it won’t highlight the cavity needed to be filled, but will look totally invisible.


If you child’s teeth are stained, microabrasion may be an option to restore your child’s pearly whites. Family dentists in Sioux Falls can use this to eliminate enamel discoloration and surface stains.


If your child’s teeth are on the crooked side or if he’s having issues with his bite, braces can solve the problem considering that all your child’s teeth are permanent teeth. Although braces can wait until adulthood, orthodontists generally recommend that wearing braces should begin as early as possible since a child’s teeth will be more adaptable.

In addition, children these days are lucky since braces now come in different types and styles, such as those clear and invisible braces that are popular with kids these days.

While most people find children’s teeth funny or adorable, it sure doesn’t have to stay that way. Family dentistry is your best bet in correcting them as early as possible.