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Four Classic Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Must Have

By Admin / Published on Sunday, 03 Sep 2017 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Four Classic Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Must Have / 234 views

Set of expensive watchesEvery woman must have a classic piece of jewelry that they can wear with confidence and sophistication. Other than accentuating a look, jewelry is something you can keep and pass on to next generations. Whether you like it simple or fashionable, here are four classic jewelry pieces to invest in.

Classic watch

A watch is a classic piece of jewelry that you can wear in a job interview, a cocktail party or a simple get-together with friends. Choose one that suits your personality and is made of high-quality materials. Titanium is a stylish yet durable material that is not heavy on the wrist. If you are looking for something more elegant, a solid gold watch looks great as well.

Statement earrings

A nice pair of earrings can jazz up an outfit instantly. Invest in one that you can match with any attire. Diamond earrings are a great investment, especially for established women. If you cannot afford them yet, a pair of moissanite earrings is a chic alternative. You can also keep it simple with a straight-up gold or silver pair; what’s important is that they are comfortable to wear.

Birthstone ring

If you like wearing rings on a daily basis, you’ll appreciate the beauty of a birthstone ring. Simple yet customizable, birthstone rings are statement jewelry pieces that are lovely to wear in any occasion. To bring out the beauty of the gem, you can accent your ring with diamonds, zircon, and other matching stones.

Pearl necklace

A strand of pearls will never go out of style. Elegant and versatile, invest in a pearl necklace that you can wear at day and night. A long pearl necklace gives that 1930s feel and looks great when worn with a dress and heels. For a more casual look, go for a short necklace (one that hits slightly below the collar bone) with little, shiny pearls.

Choosing jewelry may be difficult, especially for first-time buyers. Make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth by buying from an establishment with experience and credibility. Enjoy the process and wear your piece in style.