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Fun and Timeless Exercises for a Healthier You

By Admin / Published on Friday, 29 Jan 2016 00:00 AM / Comments Off on Fun and Timeless Exercises for a Healthier You / 284 views

Group ExerciseMost people think about exercising to stay healthy, but only a fraction ever really does anything about it. There are also those who want to exercise but don’t relish the thought of getting a gym membership. Others think exercising is limited to sports, and they are neither athletic nor inclined to compete in any type of demanding activity.

There are exercises with low to no cost, and they can do wonders for your body. You’re not tied to a membership, and you can do them practically anytime you want. Here are three of them.


A weight bearing exercise like running or jogging strengthens your bones and muscles. It burns lots of calories and is good for cardiovascular fitness. You can maintain a healthy weight if you run regularly. Run in the morning before you go to work or school, or at night when you get home. You only have to spend some cash on good running shoes. No memberships or competition, if that’s how you like it. Join fun runs and marathons if you’d like to compete and make it more interesting.


Bouncing on a trampoline is good exercise too. It may be an intense workout for your bones and muscles, but it’s a low-impact exercise. It’s actually a better cardio exercise than running, as it’s kinder to your knees and ankles. The best part is it’s fun. Find a trampoline park on the Gold Coast and ask about their schedule and rates. Or buy a trampoline for your personal enjoyment.


This is another low-impact exercise that lets you use every part of your body. The Arthritis Foundation recommends this exercise, as it’s less painful or not painful at all for arthritis sufferers. It’s good for your bones and muscles, and burns 500-650 calories per hour. Like trampolining, it’s a fun exercise. You can enjoy it for the rest of your life too.

Exercising is not limited to high-impact activities at expensive fitness centres. Try one of these workouts and enjoy getting in shape at your own pace.