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Fun Continues Until Nighttime on Sentosa Island

By Admin / Published on Friday, 28 Jul 2017 11:37 AM / Comments Off on Fun Continues Until Nighttime on Sentosa Island / 230 views

Fireworks at a night partyBusiness and commerce may bring you to Singapore, but fun and leisure will make you stay longer.

You can bring your family to Singapore and enjoy everything the city-state has to offer. You can even focus just on exploring Sentosa with a Sentosa fun pass promo code and ticket from the Sentosa Online Store. The island offers beaches, fun attractions, and many other places that will keep your family busy from daytime until nighttime.

Sentosa at Night

Now, daytime activities on the island are already well known. But nighttime activities have only been recently rolled out in the island. What can you do at nighttime? Adults can apparently visit clubs, beach parties, and bars, but how about families with young children?

Skydiving and Surfing

iFly Singapore and Wave House Sentosa stay open until 9:30 in the evening. iFly allows you to experience the feeling of skydiving without ever falling out of a plane that is thousands of feet in the air. Wave House, on the other hand, allows you to surf even at nighttime.

Action and Adventure

Other adventurous attractions you can enjoy at night include Skyline Luge Sentosa and Sentosa 4D AdventureLand. Skyline Luge allows you to wind down trails on a luge cart — a ride similar to a go kart. You can also take a chairlift which can bring you high enough to enjoy Singapore’s skyline. Finally, 4D AdventureLand features digital, interactive edutainment for children.

Show and Museum

For more relaxing, yet mesmerising experiences, you can see the Wings of Time show or visit the Trick Eye Museum. The former only happens at night and uses 3D projection, lasers, water jets, and fireworks to create an amazing light show. The latter, on the other hand, features optical illusion artwork that makes you see in 3D or even 4D.

Although Sentosa offers only a few nighttime activities or attractions, you can expect for nighttime activity to grow as executives plan to make Sentosa a day to night destination. Until that happens, you can enjoy what Sentosa, and the rest of Singapore, has to offer.