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Fun Things to Do and Exciting Places to Visit in Albuquerque

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 09 Aug 2017 03:08 AM / Comments Off on Fun Things to Do and Exciting Places to Visit in Albuquerque / 243 views

Swing seat rideThe city of Albuquerque in New Mexico offers a lot of activities and attractions for everyone. Whether your family enjoys outdoor or indoor bonding activities, you will find them all in the city.

Here are some of the places to see, and fun things to do in Albuquerque with kids, which include theme parks such as Cliff's Amusement Park.

Explora Science Center

A hands-on museum, Explora allows children to interact with the science exhibits. Your family will have a great time exploring various ideas like changing the flow of a river and creating giant bubbles. No one is too old to enjoy the displays. Explora is also near other museums in Albuquerque.

Albuquerque Aquarium

The aquarium highlights the life-giving qualities of the Rio Grande. The river stretches from Colorado to the Gulf of Mexico. A wide range of sea creatures and plants call the river their home. At the Albuquerque Aquarium, you can watch and observe bamboo sharks, barracudas, and stingrays at close range.

Balloon Museum

Your family will have a great time by taking stepping inside a balloon basket. There, you can take an exciting virtual ride on board a balloon gondola. The Anderson-Abruzzo International Balloon Museum presents a glimpse of the science and art of ballooning.

You will learn the amazing history of ballooning. You can also see exhibits of actual balloons and instruments like aeronautic radios and altimeters.

Rio Grande Nature Center State Park

The state park is a must-visit for kids. There are lots of hiking and walking trails for them to enjoy. The park also offers a discovery pond, a herb garden, observation areas, and a visitor center. Children will learn a lot about wildlife through the interpretive exhibits.

The hands-on discovery center will allow them to explore the ecosystem through interactive games.

These are only a few of the attractions that the entire family can enjoy while in Albuquerque. The city has a lot more to offer.