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Fun Without Phones: Activities to Lessen Screen Time

By Admin / Published on Friday, 02 Mar 2018 08:28 AM / Comments Off on Fun Without Phones: Activities to Lessen Screen Time / 157 views

woman standing in an art museumWhen was the last time you checked your phone? Or, more accurately, when was the last time you didn’t.  Have you recently engaged in activities which do not revolve entirely around gadget use?  For instance, have you ever been to the 1820 Colonel Benjamin Stephenson House or Edison’s Entertainment Complex to take a break from your mobile? Screen addiction is getting more noise as more adults seem to fall under its spell. If you think you’re addicted to your phone, don’t be surprised.

Screen Time Addiction

Perhaps even more alarming, though, is the growing number of children who are dependent of screen time for entertainment. NBC reported that a 2016 study showed children’s craving for screen time is rising at a rapid rate. Screen exposure for kids between the ages of zero and eight is at 48 minutes a day. Back in 2013, that exposure was only 15 minutes a day.

Policing children’s screen time can be hard especially if parents aren’t practicing what they preach. The same study showed that 69% of parents check their mobile devices at least hourly. On top of that, 56% of parents admit that they’ve checked their phones while driving.

Sweat it out…or not

With the continual rise of technology, how do you limit screen time?

Why not visit a bowling alley for some old-school fun? Imitate Archie and the Riverdale gang (the comics, not the show) and bring the ‘40s back to life. Hang out at a soda fountain and join a bowling league.

You could also let your inner Rambo out with laser tag. It’s obviously safer than real guns and unlike paintball, it isn’t painful. An hour in a laser tag arena should give you an adrenaline kick. You’ll also burn a few calories as a bonus. Who said working out can’t be fun?

For parents, you can take your kids to the Edwardsville Children’s Museum. Let their imagination run wild. Who knows? Maybe the next great detective or future ice cream genius is actually that kid on his or her tablet in your living room.

Get everyone involved with daily chores—including little kids. Kids who spend more time with their parents and had 30 minutes less of screen time have higher GPAs. Meanwhile, daily chores boosted moods and productivity as well as decreased heart disease among adults.

It goes without saying that advances in digital technology have greatly benefited our world and society.  However, too much of anything – good things included – is never a good idea.  And that is a fact worth pointing out.