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Furnace Maintenance Alert: Be Vigilant and Keep Your Home Warm and Safe

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 21 Feb 2018 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Furnace Maintenance Alert: Be Vigilant and Keep Your Home Warm and Safe / 143 views

a plumber fixing the gas furnaceRestarting the furnace when parts of the house are not heating up as they used to does not always do the trick. You can check the circuit breaker, reset the thermostat, and look into the igniter. You might find a problem with one of the components, or maybe you will not see the source of the dysfunction. To keep track of appliance issues, here is a brief enumeration of possible heating issues:

Wear and tear

Old furnaces may have no real problem other than age. The wear and tear of any mechanical part is inevitable since we live in a world where friction determines the efficiency of mechanical devices. The bearings and belts may have reached a state where they cannot function optimally. Things that are worn out are best retired and replaced as soon as possible.

Ignition problems

A furnace repair company in Utah can perform specific services in a household that’s suffering from a lack of heat due to ignition control problems. Whipple Service Champions added that some heating appliances have an intermittent pilot system, while others have hot surface ignition.

The ignition of a gas burner is done electronically through resistance heating. A spark of a higher voltage is used to ignite the other system. A malfunction of it leads to little or no heat production at all. This set of problems can only be ascertained by a heating maintenance professional.

The pilot light

A faulty thermocouple, which is a copper rod, may be in need of a replacement if the pilot light refuses to stay lit. If it doesn’t heat up, then the release of gas to the burners may be impeded or delayed. A thermocouple problem is easy enough to solve. Yet, it is not the only reason behind pilot light malfunction. A professional will be able to tell if the problem is with the safety cutoff valve, or perhaps the pilot orifice instead.

Repairing issues related to heating is always an urgent matter. Be informed to avoid bigger problems, for a home that is always comfortable and warm.