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Gardening 101: Best Practices for Watering Your Garden

By Admin / Published on Monday, 23 Apr 2018 19:01 PM / Comments Off on Gardening 101: Best Practices for Watering Your Garden / 166 views

Flowers and gardening toolsIt is fairly easy for newbie gardeners to feel confused and daunted by garden irrigation. But, knowing how to water your garden properly is one of the most crucial things any gardener should know.

Whichever watering method you choose to go with — whether by hand, DIY garden irrigation system, or even a professionally installed watering arrangement — the desired results are the same—that your plants would flourish and look healthy as can be.

With this in mind, below are key tips for watering your garden properly:

1. Only water when your plants need it

There is no one set rule for how much water you should use since this would depend on the weather, plant type, soil, and season.
During summer, for instance, you might need to water more frequently and then water less frequently during the rainy season. Keep in mind though that too little water could be just as detrimental to your plants’ growth as too much water.

Focus your watering on the roots because it is what absorbs water and nutrients. In fact, watering the leaves might spread plant disease. It is also just a waste of your water resources.

2. Water during mornings

This would enable moisture on leaves to completely dry and help prevent the spread of plant diseases. When it comes to time, earlier is always best, next is late afternoon to early evening, so that your plants would have ample time to dry off before nighttime.

3. Water thoroughly and deeply

Annuals and lawns concentrate roots in the soil’s top six inches. With shrubs and perennials, it is top 12 inches. If you have heavier soil, use a stick or your finger to measure absorption since it might take a couple of hours for water to be absorbed through 6–12 inches of heavy soil.
Whenever you are trying to learn a new gardening skill, in this case, watering your garden the proper way, keep in mind that you would need ample time to observe and practise to get it right.

Consider keeping a log of your daily watering activities to determine your progress and if what you are doing is actually working. Lastly, remember that whichever gardening irrigation method you use, it is how you use it that counts.