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Hair Scissors Handle Types: Which Kinds Fit Your Hands?

By Admin / Published on Friday, 13 Apr 2018 08:29 AM / Comments Off on Hair Scissors Handle Types: Which Kinds Fit Your Hands? / 133 views

Quality scissorsThere is no argument that using the right kind of scissors helps you get the job done quickly, whether you are a professional hair stylist or are just starting out. You may also agree that the design of the blades and the type of hair you are working on determines the outcome. What about comfort? Has it any role to play?

You preference when it comes to hair thinning scissors NZ is just as important as hair type and the type of blade. If you are comfortable handling scissors, you are less likely to make mistakes. As your scissors are your artistic tool, here are the different handles to consider to make sure you’re comfortable when styling hair.

The classic handle

These handles are made for people who use their middle finger when handling scissors. For a long time, this was the only available option in the market. While there are other types now, it remains the industry standard with many people who do not know their options going for it.

Offset handles

This is a modern design for people who hold scissors with the ring finger. The style of the handle allows you to enjoy a natural hand position. However, you will still need to lift your elbow to position the blade properly. Some find that okay, while others a setback.

The swivel handle

This handle places your thumb in the correct position regardless of the direction you’re cutting. It’s less restrictive as opposed to the classic handle. However, if you haven’t used it before, it takes a few cuts before you can get comfortable.

There are still other types of handles such as the open thumb hole that allows you to cut on a 360 degrees radius. You can do your due diligence before a purchase. However, lean on the side of customised options. That way, they accommodate your technique and style.