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Have the Most Comfortable Home with These Four Flooring Options

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 05 Aug 2015 00:00 AM / Comments Off on Have the Most Comfortable Home with These Four Flooring Options / 311 views

Home Flooring in AustraliaAdvancements in building materials and technology have allowed architects and engineers to deliver quality homes to their clients. The wide variety of flooring options alone can floor you (pun intended).

To maximise your home’s comfort, here are the four general types of flooring that you should have in your property.


Laminate flooring looks like real wood or tiles, but this is actually made from synthetic materials. These inexpensive tiles or planks come in a variety of colours and designs, providing flexibility for any room in your home. If one tile happens to be scratched or broken, you can simply remove it without damaging the entire flooring. The professionals of Planet Timbers recommend installing laminate flooring in your kitchen, living room and other high traffic spaces.


Soft, thick carpets are perfect for bedrooms. Your bare feet will thank you for the warmth during winter. Vacuuming your carpets can be a challenge, especially if you have pets indoors. You can hire professional carpet cleaners for occasional steam cleaning to keep you and your kids safe from dust and fur trapped in those carpet fibres.


Hard, durable tiles can take a beating from high traffic. Tile flooring is easy to clean and is ideal for your kitchen and bathrooms. You can wash stained and dirty grout with pressure hoses. You can install porcelain, slate or granite tiles of various colours to fit the different themes or designs in your rooms.


The rustic, inviting vibe of hardwood makes it a favourite among homeowners. It can be more expensive than other flooring materials, but it does have great benefits. Engineered timber flooring brings great resale value, as well. Hardwood floors only require vacuuming and are easy to clean and maintain. These are ideal for your study, guest rooms and living room.

Each of these four flooring options delivers pros and cons for your home. Discuss your preferences with your architect or builder to ensure quality living.