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Health Benefits of Plants in Schools for Children

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 01 Aug 2018 08:31 AM / Comments Off on Health Benefits of Plants in Schools for Children / 111 views

students studying outdoor surrounded by nature and plantsChildren spend most of their time inside the four corners of a classroom, sometimes limiting their time outdoors. The good thing is you can always bring the outdoors inside their classroom, and that is through indoor gardens and plants.

Plants offer many health benefits to children. So do not hesitate on calling for commercial landscaping services in Alexandria as soon as possible.

Remove Toxins from the Air

One of the main benefits of having a garden inside the school or plants in the classroom is that they remove toxins from the air. These volatile organic compounds or VOCs, which include formaldehyde, smoke, benzene, and trichloroethylene, are substances that can irritate the lungs.

Aside from that, studies have shown that plants remove carbon dioxide from the air. Carbon dioxide in overcrowded classrooms could lead to concentration problems among students.

Boost Concentration and Memory

Plants help people concentrate better in any setting, whether outdoors or indoors. Having plants inside the classroom can help students perform their tasks better as well. Also, being in a natural environment can boost memory performance by as much as 20%.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

It is a fact that most people feel relaxed and at ease when they are outdoors and one with nature. Putting plants in the classroom or a garden inside the school premises can help reduce the feelings of stress and anxiety among students. The students can become more productive because they feel happier and better.

The presence of plants can greatly help students in their overall well-being. Gardens in schools are becoming popular because they provide many benefits not only to students but also to the school employees.