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Here’s a Quick Way to Keep Your Teeth Straight With Less Pain and Discomfort

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 31 Aug 2016 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Here’s a Quick Way to Keep Your Teeth Straight With Less Pain and Discomfort / 344 views

Teeth Straightening With Less PainYou can have a more beautiful, appealing smile if you have clean, straight teeth. That’s why many people want to straighten their teeth so much that they resort to different methods of teeth-straightening. One of the most popular methods is using Hawley retainers.

On the other hand, there are other ways to straighten your teeth. Here are the most common methods used to keep teeth straight.

Use Dental Expanders

Dental expanders, or palatal expanders, are dental devices that expand the arch of the upper teeth. By doing this, extra space is created so your teeth will move comfortably into a position that can make your teeth appear straighter.

This device is applied using dental cement. A special key is used to adjust a screw in the middle and allow it to put pressure on your teeth.

Use Dental Appliances

Dental appliances that can be used to straighten teeth include headgears and Herbst appliance.

A Herbst appliance includes two tubes that connect the upper and lower jaw. This moves the lower jaw forward, so it can meet with the teeth of the upper jaw. The headgear, on the other hand, is a bit flashy. It dominates a wearer’s appearance. You literally wear one over your head, while it is attached to your teeth. The pressure it puts on both your upper and lower jaws cause them to move and align simultaneously.

However, according to the Oral Care Center of the Colgate-Palmolive Company, the use of these methods can only correct three dental problems, including limited overcrowding of the teeth, malocclusion or a bite out of alignment, and narrow jaw or underdeveloped palate.

The Best Option for You

Your best option would be to use braces. Your dentist can recommend using one after a certain period of time. After it is removed, Hawley retainers will replace it for the retention of your newly straightened teeth.

If you want to straighten your teeth, ask your dentist what options you can choose from.