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HIIT Like You Mean It: High Intensity Interval Training Beginner Tips

By Admin / Published on Friday, 31 Mar 2017 06:22 AM / Comments Off on HIIT Like You Mean It: High Intensity Interval Training Beginner Tips / 210 views

sporty girl stretchingFast, short intervals, commonly known as High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT, is the best route to melt excess fat and eliminate those love handles. However, if you’re not sure if you’re doing it properly, below are some tips to maximize your HIIT sessions and make HIIT work for you.

Form Over Rep Every Single Time

As with any exercise, you pour your energy into, focus on your form first and make sure that you’re performing the exercises correctly. This means that if you could only perform six perfect pushups in 30 seconds, rejoice in the fact that your form is perfect. Remember—quality over quantity and form over speed always.

You Don’t Need to Go Beast Mode at the Start

If you’re still not comfortable with plyometrics, you could always modify your exercises and substitute. For instance, opt for a regular reverse lunge instead of a jump lunge or a traditional squat instead of a jump squat. Master the exercises first and build up to the more advanced moves as you progress.

Modifying Exercises is Fine, But Make Sure That You Try Your Best First

It’s perfectly fine if you still couldn’t sustain several rounds of perfect burpees. You could try later an exercise as you progress through every round. You just have to give it your all to perform at least one round in its entirety, even if you feel unsure that you could complete it and your muscles are telling you to stop.

Active Rest Means Active Rest

When it’s time for active rest in between rounds, you should take it. Jog or walk in place so that when it’s time to round two, you could go in and give it your best shot.

Proper Hydration is Key

HIIT workouts would leave you scrambling for a huge gulp of water in between rounds, but too much water and you risk getting a stomach cramp. Consider drinking a sports drink concentrate like half an hour before your HIIT session and take small sips of your sports drink or water throughout your workout.

Now that you know how to maximize your HIIT sessions, make sure to do HIIT only every other day to avoid overtraining. Additionally, your body would quickly adapt to HIIT as your workouts become more efficient so compensate by adding longer and more intervals as you get used to the exercises. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be HIIT-ing your weight loss and strength goals in no time.