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How Your Relatives and Friends Can Help on Your Big Day

By Admin / Published on Friday, 07 Jul 2017 04:33 AM / Comments Off on How Your Relatives and Friends Can Help on Your Big Day / 231 views

The engagement ring setProbably one of the biggest challenges you’d have to make when planning your wedding is to determine who belongs in your bridal entourage. All of them were part of your engagement party from the day your husband-to-be had to buy your moissanite engagement ring to the day he proposed. As much as you want to include everyone to avoid hurting their feelings, you’d have to be realistic. Here are other roles that your nearest and dearest can play on your wedding day.

The Performer

Someone from your family has to know how to play an instrument, sing, dance, or simply has a unique talent. Give them the spotlight for a few moments on your special day. This can be a personal and thoughtful way to include them on your big day. Who knows, they might even surprise you with what they have to offer.

The Decorator

If a relative or friend loves DIYs, then offer them a creative responsibility for your wedding day. You can ask them to design the invitations or even arrange flowers. Besides, you can even take a leap of faith and give them the challenge of making your venue memorable and beautiful.

The Attendants

Meanwhile, you can assign your other friends and family to help you out on the day of your wedding. Appoint someone to greet guests once they arrive at the venue, gather gifts or supervise the wishing well and hand out wedding service booklets. They will be more than honored to take these responsibilities out of your shoulder.

The Witness

For a close family or friend that is special, ask them to be your witness. Keep in mind that you don’t have to ask someone from your bridal party, even if this is usually the case. Have your loved one be a part of this special and legal obligation by signing your wedding certificate.

When you ask a relative or friend to be a member of your wedding entourage or even take photographs, you’re telling them how important they are to you and your partner.