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Hydration is Life: Staying Hydrated During Exercises

By Admin / Published on Friday, 07 Apr 2017 08:36 AM / Comments Off on Hydration is Life: Staying Hydrated During Exercises / 233 views

People Working OutWorkouts are among the many activities that will make you sweat buckets. As such, it’s always important that you’re filling up yourself to avoid fatigue and dehydration. You need to compensate for the fluid loss your body experiences during the workout. Doing this will keep you in shape and help you make the most of your exercises.

Stay hydrated and make sure that you’re well throughout the workout. Here are some ways to help you:

Have your bottle

If you’re not a habitual drinker, you should carry your water bottle with you. If it’s always with you, you will be reminded to drink some fluids. From your home to the gym, make sure that you always carry it to establish a habit. To make things much more interesting, you can get a tumbler or bottle that has fun and funky designs. Invest in high-quality containers, so you can use them everywhere.

Give ‘em flavors

If water is too bland for you, E-Lyte Sport says that you can drink flavored ones. Mix your sugar-free sports drink concentrate before you go. You can also go for fruit shakes and energy drinks, but be wary of your sugar intake. Chocolate milk also makes a rehydrating drink.

Have some fruits

Not a fan of drinking? You can always source your hydrating fluids from solid fruits. Choose the ones that have high fluid content, such as melons, watermelons, and apples. You can also source electrolytes and potassium from fruits, such as bananas. For that full hydrating effect, drink a bit of water.

These are only some of the ways you can hydrate yourself during workouts. If you want to be sure of your hydrating habits, you can always consult your physical fitness trainers or nutritionist. What’s more important is that you drink — whether water, juice, or sports drink — whenever you feel thirsty.