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Imbibing Food Safety Through Tweeting, Massive Safety Lapses and the Rise of Hemp

By Admin / Published on Sunday, 12 Mar 2017 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Imbibing Food Safety Through Tweeting, Massive Safety Lapses and the Rise of Hemp / 251 views

Kid looking at cookiesIf nobody was in charge of food safety, or the government implemented a low standard for digestible food, restaurants could have been more creative. But at least by the rules imposed on the food service industry, people feel a lot safer eating anything they please. Not that there is anything to complain about the culinary creativity of cafés, bistros and joints.

Whether you see food safety certificate courses in NSW as an encumbrance or leveller for all kinds of food-serving establishments, it is there for a reason. It is the cornerstone of cleanliness and hygiene in your restaurant and it would bode well for the business. The government will not breathe down your neck for any offence (which should always be zero), and you will know peace in serving people food that will fill their stomach and not infect it.

If you want to quantify how important food safety really is, here are some news:

UK’s Vomit-and-Tweet Conundrum

To assist the country’s Food Standards Agency, the UK government proposes for people who have just a bout of vomiting and watery diarrhoea to tweet. It will help tracking norovirus, an illness contracted to person-to-person interaction.

It is a wise use of social media’s immediacy, but it will be less pleasing if you see your restaurant, or your cruise business, plastered all over next day’s news.

Trouble in China

One would expect China, whose culinary exports are the stuff of legend, has food safety down. The half a million cases of illegalities and improper practices in 2016, however, is a testament that sustenance fit for consumption takes a step back there. One could make the argument that the country is too big for safety standards to be present, but it is quite troubling what kind of environment would allow counterfeit salt, false advertising and sale of contaminated products.

Hemp: The Future of Food

It is always better to play it safe when it comes to a new ingredient, and with hemp, that is a safe stance. Despite the softening of the plant’s stigma, you should be careful in using it as a part of a recipe.

You can always improve the quality of food, but safety must always be a baseline factor. A food service requirement notwithstanding, it is a big thing to not worry about.