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Installing Beautiful Aluminum Fences the Smart Way

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 19 Jun 2018 17:18 PM / Comments Off on Installing Beautiful Aluminum Fences the Smart Way / 92 views

Forged gateAluminum fences are a popular outdoor fixture to improve the curb appeal of a home and at the same time make it more secure and safe. What most people don’t realize, however, is that proper installation is the key to make these clean and classy-looking fences work.

Apart from checking with your local zoning laws and acquiring a proper local building permit, here are some key things you need to keep in mind before installing your aluminum fences.

Fence heights and slope

Before accounting for the total aluminum fence cost, make sure that you’re getting the materials with the right height. Shorter fences tend to be more for aesthetic purposes while taller ones provide better security to keep out stray animals or intruders.

Take into account the slope differences if your property is on a sloping surface. If the dip is too extreme, you might need a taller aluminum fence, depending on your preferences.

Property Layout

When marking the locations where your fence will go, start with determining where your corner and end posts will be. They will serve as the “outline” of your fence around your property. It’s easier to visualize the output this way and make adjustments quickly if needed.

Also, the last thing you want is to create conflict with your neighbors. Review the layout of your property and make sure not to extend into theirs when marking where to install the fence posts.

Digging holes

It’s always wise to consult first the recommended depth and diameter by the fence manufacturer when digging holes. Generally, the posts have to be set in deep, and the holes dug in a bell shape for better stability.

It’s also wise to check first if there are plumbing, cable, or television lines that run underground. You can call your electric or plumbing company to check before proceeding with digging holes in your property.

Aluminum fence installation can be pretty challenging. The results, however, make all the efforts worth it. You’ll have a much more exquisite-looking property and improved security with this simple but important outdoor feature.