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Invisalign & Braces: Which One’s Better?

By Admin / Published on Saturday, 22 Oct 2016 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Invisalign & Braces: Which One’s Better? / 23 views

InvisalignCosmetic braces and Invisalign have become the most popular dental treatment to straighten and fix misaligned teeth. Though the two options serve the same purpose, there are still differences between them. This will come in mind, especially when the need arises. As a future patient, you would want to know every single fact about orthodontic methods before you decide which particular treatment will suit you best.

To make it easier, here is a side-by-side comparison of these two dental procedures:

For Braces

  • This is an irremovable system, which consists of metal brackets that are glued to your teeth and are bind together by wires.
  • Depending on the severity of your case, the treatment time for braces usually last two years or more.
  • For the day-to-day care and maintenance, you are required to regularly brush your teeth, brackets, and wires. Too much use of force may loosen the screw, so you need to be extra careful when cleaning them.
  • For the follow-up visits, you need to go see your dentist about every month for a check-up or possible adjustments.
  • It can effectively treat more complex alignment issues on your dentures.
  • Since braces are permanently attached to your teeth, you will never have to worry about misplacing or leaving them out somewhere.

For Invisalign

  • Unlike cosmetic braces, explains that Invisalign is in the form of clear or invisible aligners, which are made of plastic and are worn over the teeth for 22 to 24 hours a day.
  • On an average, this option has shorter treatment span with only 6 to 18 months. It will still depend on the condition of your teeth, though.
  • The cleaning method for this treatment involves brushing and rinsing of your aligners in a lukewarm water.
  • Re-adjustments on your aligner trays are usually done every two weeks.
  • It eliminates any possibilities of discomfort coming from wires that are glued on your teeth.
  • It does not affect your eating habit.
  • The beauty of aligner trays lies on its camouflaged appearance once you wear them.
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This side-by-side comparison can help you in finding which option will match your lifestyle and needs. This is something you should take seriously and whole-heartedly, so be sure you have carefully considered everything. But, if after all the thinking, you cannot still decide which method should you go for, do not hesitate to ask your dentist about his or her opinion to get better understanding and comparison.