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Is the Spice Too Nice? What It Does to One’s Oral Health

By Admin / Published on Monday, 06 Mar 2017 11:14 AM / Comments Off on Is the Spice Too Nice? What It Does to One’s Oral Health / 149 views

different assortment of saucesNot everyone is a big fan of spicy foods. The burning sensation inside the mouth is sometimes enough to induce tears or ‘constrict’ their breathing. But there are those who are in love with the hot sensation. It is not unpleasant to them – it is pure joy.

Lovers of spicy food would insist that the burning feeling is the thrill of it all.

Some naysayers, however, insist that spicy meals are bad for the health, especially for the teeth. The so-called thrill may compromise your dental health, they say. For Ridgway Dental, a practice in Wimbledon, eating strongly flavoured foods may cause bad breath.

Chillis, however, do not totally put one’s dental health in danger. Moderate consumption of meals and avoiding processed foods still come into play. But in general, spicy cuisine might also be good for dental health.

Chilli Powder for Teeth Maintenance

Chilli powder is a good source of Vitamin A, which keeps bones and teeth strong. Vitamin A also keeps periodontal diseases at bay by strengthening the gums. It improves the tissue and mucous health of the gums, and reduces inflammation due to minor trauma or infection.

Since gum health is strongly interlinked with oral health, it makes sense to moderately indulge in chilli powder.

Capsaicin for Painful Teeth

Capsaicin is the secret behind the spiciness of chilli peppers. Apart from the added thrill of spiciness, it also offers numerous benefits.

For example, people with toothaches sometimes use capsaicin to alleviate the unpleasant soreness. It also minimises the risks for infection. While consumption of spicy food will not automatically cure a toothache, capsaicin is a good temporary and natural remedy.

Onions to Kill Bacteria

Majority of spicy meals have onions in their list of ingredients. The addition of onions does not only make the dish more delicious – it also fights off unwanted bacteria in the mouth. And it promotes strong teeth and bones with the help of manganese, a mineral that helps bind the calcium better.

There is no sin in loving spicy foods. As long as the consumption is moderate, it may do wonders for one’s oral health.