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Keeping Your New Home Safe from Flies and Mosquitoes with Screens

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 17 Oct 2018 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Keeping Your New Home Safe from Flies and Mosquitoes with Screens / 67 views

Sliding insect screen doorOnce you’ve taken care of the top items on your moving-in list, it’s time to think about protecting your household from pests and insects. Does the house come with casement windows without protective screens? Experts say humans attract mosquitoes and some more than others.

Fortunately, there are a couple of solutions at hand.

Retractable insect screen

If you frown upon chemical sprays to battle unwanted insects, then insect screens are a favourable alternative. Screens are a practical choice that will not put your health at risk. Non-combustible, stain-free, and rustproof products made from fibreglass mesh are desired. They are easy to install, and you can install them with basic tools from your toolbox.

You can find a mesh that suits your budget if you know where to look. There is no need to sacrifice aesthetics to preserve the comfort and safety of your home. A wide range of colours is available to choose from.

Magnetic screens for windows

When you are worried about insects entering your new home through the windows, there is an easy solution: magnetic insect screens. Magnetic products may be configured vertically or horizontally. They allow the breeze to enter your home while keeping unseemly insects away. The great view will still be visible from the window.

Magnetic screens are easy to install and maintain. Merchandisers will deliver the order right at your doorstep, and you can install them immediately. You can place them in any window in the house, and they keep away flies and mosquitoes effectively.

Windows allow natural light to enter your home, and the breeze to flow and circulate and keeping the air fresh and breathable. You want all that without worrying about insects such as flies and mosquitoes disturbing the peace. Window screens are the perfect addition to your new home.