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Lace Up Those Boots: What to Expect on Your First Rodeo Trip

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 27 Jun 2018 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Lace Up Those Boots: What to Expect on Your First Rodeo Trip / 101 views

RodeoA rodeo is more than just a thrilling spectator event where man pits his skills against nature’s powerful creatures. It’s more than people gathering to enjoy an event wearing men’s cowboy boots and varying sizes of buckles.

If it’s your first time to go to the rodeo, you’re definitely in for a treat. Here are a few things you are likely to see on your rodeo trip:

A Lot of Cowboys and Cowgirls

A show as big as a rodeo will have a lot of people suiting up as cowboys. Though it’s not a requirement, it adds fun to the experience. Wearing your cowboy boots and hat immerses you deeper into the action, making you feel that you are part of the show — and in a way, you are!

An Excess of Fantastic Food

As you head to the fairground, the aroma of outright delicious food would probably get you hankering for a bite. There will be a multitude of food for you to try and the meat-eater in you will be hungering for more. The food is so plentiful that unless you’re one of those professional eaters, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get a taste of all the food being sold during your short stay.

Plenty of Things to Buy

There will be numerous craftsmen selling their wares and you’ll probably want to bring home a souvenir or two. From simple shirts and mugs, to garish art pieces and ornaments, you can probably find something that will catch your interest. Cowhides and rodeo-related stuff are particularly eye-catching, and you can probably dress a small town of cowboys with all the wonderful gear available.

An Adrenaline-Filled Spectacle

Once the show starts, you’re off to a rollercoaster of thrills. The show usually starts slowly, with events that focus on skill, before ramping up the danger as you get to the bulls. The dangerous and heart-stopping highlights of the show are sure to leave you pumped with adrenaline and rooting for the guy battling the 2,000lb bull.

So get your cowboy hat and get ready for some tasty treats, a few extraordinary trinkets, and a spectacular show for the ages.